Precurson Pictures

There has been a tremendous number of new advances in digital camera technologies in the last decade. In fact, it’s been nothing short of amazing. Not long ago, we were discussing this at our think tank which operates online, and we were considering all the potential applications for this high-tech revolutionary digital camera and video research in the market place. It seems there is an unending thirst for this technology in many sectors.

In considering all this I put together a quick list of some of the sectors which will be changed and revolutionized by digital camera technology. This is just a short list, and it was more like a 15 second burst of thought on the topic as I was discussing this with an acquaintance. Below are what I came up with, and I’m sure as you read the list you will agree;

Seeing through Camouflage,.
Satellite Photos,.
True Color Pictures for Mars Rover,.
Facial Recognition Infrared Lie Detectors,.
Autonomous Robotics,.
UAVs, MAVs,.
Cell Phones,.
Testing Jet Engine Wear,.
Medical Diagnosis,.
Brain Mapping of.
Neuron Firings,.
Robotic Bomb Defusers,.
Uncloaking Cloaking Technologies,.
Food Safety Devices and Inspections,.
Emissions Testing,.
Airport Safety Wind Identification.
And of course as I told my acquaintance; “Yah, and it’s also good for taking digital pictures too.” Of course, this should be a lesson to all inventors and innovators, but just because you come up with a great technology for one sector such as hobby photography using a digital camera, doesn’t mean you should stop there, rather you should consider all the potential applications of licensing the technology and innovations to other sectors which need them. Indeed, perhaps that’s why a think tank is so valuable when it comes to new high-tech inventions in such categories, at least that’s the way I see it.
Next time you take a picture with your digital camera you should realize that technology within that little box represents some major human innovation in science and research. That camera can do so much more than any of the other picture technologies in history, and it can be made for a fraction of the cost with 10,000 times the results of the original cameras or even the black-and-white cameras in the 1950s.


Digital camera technology has advanced and will continue to do so as it merges with other light technologies, frequency research, and the high-tech sensors that it will run on. It’s time to think outside the box, even if that box is getting smaller and smaller and is merely a little component of your future holographic conferencing enabled, thought to speech smart phone. Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow is the Founder of the Online Think Tank, a diverse group of achievers, experts, innovators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, futurists, academics, dreamers, leaders, and general all around brilliant minds.