Nature Wallpaper

Boredom at work often results to poor performance. Even the students who are working on their assignments can easily lose their concentration due to monotony, especially those who are just kids. There should be at least something that will motivate them to enjoy what they have to do in front of their computers, whether it is a research paper or a bunch of office paperwork. Having a little glance of a favorite Hollywood icon, an anime cartoon character or a breezy countryside scene on the screen can somehow give them a reason to relax a bit while recharging their minds for a while. Fascinating wallpapers could give the users the much-needed inspiration for work


So many times that when we click on the close or minimize button of computer applications during breaks, the dull desktop background is right there in front of us, making us all the more drained and wanting to do something else instead. If you have found out that you are only getting a lot more bored just by seeing the same wallpaper over and over again, it is best to have it changed into something lively. There are nature-inspired backgrounds, as well as 3D and anime wallpapers that you could use to replace your existing desktop wallpaper.



The wallpapers appear as high-quality images and the “free” status is just icing on the cake-a bonus, that’s it.This is the reason why most people keep on changing their wallpapers as often as they want. What is a free download site anyway if you going to limit yourself to only one new wallpaper?


In a free wallpaper site, you can find vast collections of photographic and illustrated desktop backgrounds. They are often categorized in order for the users to easily search for their preferred wallpaper themes. Some of the frequently visited categories are those that have themes about nature, wildlife, people and sports. There are also the categories that feature specific themes such as aircraft, Hollywood celebrities, anime and automobiles. Users will surely have a find it difficult to choose their wallpapers with all the themes available for download.

Whether you have a screen resolution that is higher than the default, you can definitely acquire wallpapers that are ideal for your desktop. HD wallpapers are also available for those who want to get the best quality of desktop backgrounds.

cg rainbow
computer generated pattern of rainbow colours a specular highlights

At, you can find a lot of fascinating wallpapers that you can use for replacing the dull background of your computer desktop. They are absolutely free and you can instantly get them from the site. The popular picks are always updated to give you ideas on which ones to download. They are great for both office and home computers.


Animals Space On Earth

This article was inspired by a horse client named Rigo, who requested that I explain to people just how animals are assisting their people and the planet to make the energetic Shift of the Ages possible.

In addition, I have been asked from time to time by some of my human clients and online community if the animals will be coming with us into the higher dimensional frequencies. “If I choose ascension, will my animals come with me?”.


I am delighted to tell you all that not only can they come along, if they choose to do so, but that they are also working very hard to help us make the shift. Furthermore, many of them are already advanced spiritually beyond our current level of understanding, so it is only natural that they will move with us into the 5th dimension and beyond.

First, a little history on how the animals are assisting.

While humanity has been sleeping, animals of all species have been holding the energies for humanity to awaken. This has been going on for thousands of years, despite human abuse of animals across the planet. By holding the energies, I mean that they consciously ground energies into the Earth and work harmoniously, as much as possible, with each other, to keep balance and harmony in the energy webs or grids.

images (4)

Some animals work with mother nature to open blockages that humans have created with war and destructive behaviors and other conflicts.

Some have provided us with the food of their flesh, skins off their bodies, and other gifts of their physical forms.

Still others, like bees for example, have created gifts through their natural way of living: honey, bee propolis, and bee pollen are all examples of some of the creations available to heal and feed humans who agree to work harmoniously with bees.


There are many species who have been here on the planet for a long time, who came to educate humans and to keep the planet in balance. For example,.

Did you know that whale song carries for thousands of miles and helps balance the tectonic plates inside the Earth?
Did you know that dolphins came here to bring higher knowledge to humans?

images (6)
Did you know that the lions of Africa and cats of all types came to hold certain energies for all the species living here, but especially for humans?
With the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, a dramatic influx of higher frequencies began and has continued to accelerate. Today, we are bombarded with energies almost daily. Planetary alignments, comets, meteor showers, eclipses, solar flares, and many other events are bringing these energies to us for the spiritual awakening of the Earth, humanity, and all the other earth kingdoms.

Until a few years ago (maybe 4 or 5 or so) the animals and mother earth and the other earth kingdoms (plants, stones, minerals, and so on) had been taking the lead in holding and grounding the new energies. This was due to so few humans being awake enough to do it. But then, we passed a critical point, and humanity began to take full responsibility for holding the new energies.

Hello Kitty
A cat, that is up for adoption at the Humane Society gets a little love from a puppy that is not ready for adoption, Friday, Jan. 25, 2008 in Searcy, Ark.. The Searcy Animal Shelter had to put over 1,000 animals to sleep 2007 because of the low number of people who spay or neuter their pets. (AP Photo/The Daily Citizen, Samuel Peebles)

Today, the animals are working harder than ever.

Today, the animals are processing a great deal of energy through their bodies for their individual human family members. The animals who live with humans, whether cats, dogs, horses, snakes, bunnies, guinea pigs, iguanas, and so on, are all interconnected energetically with their people. They are here in service to us to help us.


Here are a few ways that they do it:.

Some animals are intensely reflecting back to their human the very issues the human needs to resolve in order to move higher vibrationally and clear out the old limiting beliefs and emotional patterns.
Some animals are getting sick because they are sucking in our energies as we release lower vibrational patterns. In this way, they keep us from being sick or as severely ill as we might have been otherwise.
Some animals are behaving in ways that express an overload of tension and anxiety that is present in their individual family and/or in the human group consciousness.
Some animals are leaving their bodies at this time in order to return in younger, healthier, and stronger bodies so that they can continue to serve us as the frequencies go even higher.
Some animals are pushing our buttons so we will look at stuff we’ve been avoiding for multiple lifetimes.
Some animals are here to teach us.
Some animals are here to help us heal.
And the list goes on.

How can we help our animals friends and companions?

Appreciation, Gratitude, and Love. Take time every day to let your animals know that YOU know how hard they are working on your behalf.

Tell them!
Show them!
Assist them!
Work on yourself – take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
Create sacred space in your home or wherever they live (a barn, for example). Burn sage or use other techniques for cleansing the energies on a regular basis.

Protect yourself, your home. and your animals from an overload of electromagnetic frequencies.
Maintain balance and harmony where you and they live. This can be done with Feng Shui and many other systems for harmonizing your environment.
Feed your animals well. This means the highest quality food that is rich in nutrients readily available for their bodies to use. Organic is best, if you can manage it. For example, there are organic grains that can be fed to horses that make a huge difference in their health and well-being.
Learn gentle approaches to doing everything. Do whatever you can to make their lives better. For example, you can learn TTouch ™ or massage or acupressure. You don’t have to be an expert, and you can get an expert in when the situation warrants it. But if you use some of these techniques on a daily basis, you can make a big difference in your animals’ lives.
Use Flower Essences to help your animals release emotional energies they are taking on for you or others. If you share some of their issues, take the same or other appropriate essences yourself.
Learn telepathic communication so you and your animal can talk about what is going on for both of you. This not only builds understanding and strengthens your person bond, but it also prepares you for the time when telepathy will be the communication system of choice.
Whatever steps you take to assist yourself, you are also assisting your animals to assist you. Then you can all choose to ascend together, and won’t that be joyful?

Photography choose as a business field

When you’re a keen photographer and you have the desire to spend your working life doing something you enjoy such as photography, it would be a shame if you didn’t pursue it further wouldn’t it? Most great photographers who rely on their trade to survive  photography don’t even know they have these traits because they love what they do and they simply can’t stop.

It’s true that there is wealth to be made in photography and I’m not going to down play that or make a pitch to the opposite because in every case, it’s been up to the individual. Meaning – it depends on what mode of photography they choose, how much time they put into the business, do they have a commercial bent, are they more artistic than usual etc. All these points come into play when success in a photography business or studio is questioned.


I don’t want to create any false hopes by that last paragraph because success will require some hard work, tolerance and patience. These next thirty tips should help you along the way. There is more detail available on this subject matter at the link at the bottom of this page.

At which level do you want to start your photography business?

2. This is the trickiest question that a person interested in starting a business encounters. It is very important to decide what kind of photography business you want so that the relevant requirements and (sometimes) finance can be muscled up.

When is the best time to start a fully-fledged photography business?

You must also consider carefully a reliable, high-quality PC and good relevant software to manipulate your photographs with special effects. If the business is being undertaken on a massive scale then maybe a developing lab needs to be planned and established.

What kind of venues will yield real income to your business?

4. A newly established business in photography requires an assured location or a beat (working locally), as in journalism. For instance, wedding photography, sports related photography or developmental photography. Once established, business can also be diversified into many more fields.

5. It is always important to compile a good portfolio as far as photography is concerned. A portfolio must contain a collection of pertinent photographic work that you believe to be impressive. Make sure that photographs are unusual in character and are from diverse fields. Your portfolio must be able to impress the client in the very first meeting.

6. Don’t keep all the photographs that you have in your possession. Only keep your best work in the folder so that you don’t embarrass yourself or find yourself having to explain photographs that aren’t relevant.

7. Showcase spontaneous photos that you believe are of good quality. When they are good shots, you ‘d be surprised how many people respond favorably to peoples expressions.

8. A canvas background of at minimum 7-9 foot and the background colors should be either navy or white as minimum requirements to start with; a well-branded studio lights system such as that of Norman & Speed-tron; certified picture manipulation software such as Photoshop, Co-rel Paint Shop, etc

. Is there a need for establishing a makeup studio as part of your photo studio?

9. Makeup and photography often go hand in hand. Wherever makeup is involved it is often referred to as trick photography because makeup is capable of completely transforming an individual’s personality, and sometimes relevance to a product in the case of advertising photography.

What kind of photo-editing software available in the market?

10. Photo-editing software through which special effects and complete changes to a photo are possible and can also often save the need for a re shoot.

11. Some of the photo-editing software that are popular includes Photoshop CS; Photoshop Light room, iPhoto, i View Multimedia, MediaPro, ACDSee, Corel and Picasa.

Is storage and treatment of photographs crucial in building photography business?

Never adopt laxity while handling or archiving photographs. Storage and access efficiency will either improve or frustrate your working environment.

How can be photographs be preserved easily apart from the conventional method?

13. Today’s cameras are highly versatile and will allow downloads and transfers from highly surprising devices including your mobile but pictures can also be stored on a CD’s, USB’s and DVD’s too.

The level of mega pixel offered and quality of the zooming facility must be looked into carefully. I have my favorites but there are many equally as good as mine.

15. Most of the cameras are compatible with printers and computers and moreover, because we now use memory sticks, we are truly free to operate unencumbered.