Science Effect In Our Daily Life

According to the science of Spirituality, on an average in the present era, 65 % of our lives is destined and the remaining part Is made by our actions good or bad. There is some part of our life which we have no control that is destiny, and the remaining, can be changed by our actions.

Astrology is the knowledge which lets us know what we are destined, and how we are going to fare in our lives. Our destiny can not be changed even if we know it, however with our actions, spiritual prayers, deeds and donations we can mitigate the disasters.


We may well ask, what is the benefit of knowing what lies in store for you, as humans have a tendency to become negative if they find bad tidings in their coming days. However if we approach it as a pre warning and take precautions, we can reduce the impact or severity of the ill-fated happenings.


· On the other hand, the position of the planets in our horoscope defines the route which we can take, and to take care where needed. For example, the effect Moon has over earth is observed when the tides, influence the waves and its effects on the sea.

· All the 9 planets of the Solar system, in their own way affect the human lives.


The sun is the giver of light and energy. It is through the rays of the sun that plants get food, and the human bodies vitamin d, the Sun is the ruler of the planets, and has the capacity to over shadow all planets, if the Sun occupies the right house of our horoscope, it gives dynamism and success in our endeavors. Its place is the 5th house, and the solar sign is leo.

The Moon, which influences our emotions a Horoscope,. The correct placement of the moon is in the 4th House, and the solar sign is cancer.

Mercury is a planet of movement and communication, it rules the hands, the lungs and the respiratory system, it also denotes early education. It governs the 3rd house and also the 6th house.


Venus is that feminine energy which rules love desires and pleasures of life, it rules the throat and the kidneys, and governs the second and Seventh house in our horoscope.

Jupiter means abundance growth and all the good things in our lives, the position of Jupiter tells the complete story of the life of a human being.

Mars: The planet of action and aggressiveness, it controls the mind and temper of the humans an overtly strong mars leads to rash actions.

Saturn is the most dreaded planet, but actually, it is a planet of justice, you get the rewards of your past and present actions only during the period of Saturn.

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The other planets Neptune and Pluto are Shadow planets, they come into effect only in conjunction with Saturn.


photography as art and use in science

Society is seemingly conditioned to view art and science as diametric opposites, and never the two shall mix. But when it comes to how to sell effectively, this couldn’t be farther from the truth: In order to successfully sell, you must master the art and science of selling. The science of selling includes understanding how people make purchase decisions, and as a salesperson, what steps you must guide the prospect through in order to solve their problem and produce a sale.

The art of selling includes the creativity you use to make this process happen. For example, take the process of establishing a relationship with a prospect. Any sales person worth their salt respects this indispensable part of the sales process – part of the science of selling – and wouldn’t dream of moving the process too quickly until they believe they’ve built a sufficient level of understanding and trust.


But how to establish trust? There are many ways to do so – and this is part of the art of selling. It is the most creative and empathetic of salespeople, the ones that learn how to truly understand a prospect and communicate this understanding who will be of the most value to a prospect, and accordingly, the most successful.

Another example comes further into the science of the sales process: communicating facts, features, benefits and value. Anyone can simply rattle off a list of facts from a spec sheet, but features don’t sell on their own until the prospect pictures them in context. So the best salespeople employ the art of selling by again using empathy and creativity to communicate logical advantages and psychological value that are relevant to the prospect.

Can you exist in sales without combining the art and science of selling? Maybe, but to be a truly effective sales person, to stand out at the top, you’ll learn how to employ the two together.

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