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In trying to rekindle the sexual magic in my relationship with my wife I came across Stamina Rx. A product from High-Tech Pharmaceuticals, I wasn’t much optimistic about its results at first. My journey to find the lost magic in our sexual life had led me to experiment with many other sex supplements and prescription drugs, but none of them were able to deliver what they promised; although I had spent a fortune on them.


Stamina Rx works. Stamina Rx has been termed as an alternative to Cialis. Moreover researchers say that the use of highest grade extracts and neutraceuticals during the manufacture stage makes it more effective than Cialis and Viagra, the famed erectile dysfunction pill from Pfizer.


This has been termed as a breakthrough discovery for arousing the couple during the sexual activity and maintaining the desire by inducing to do more than once. Does this make you feel nostalgic of the old times when you would hardly let your wife sleep doing sex all night?


The distinct feature of Stamina Rx is that it creates within us the desire to have sex. It improves sensitivity among the couple, making them crave for more sex. The sex supplement owes this distinctiveness to Dopamine and Norepinephrine. When a person consumes Stamina Rx, it stimulates these neurotransmitters (Dopamine and Norepinephrine), which in turn energizes the hypothalamus (a part of human brain where sex originates). Thus, the pill works very naturally in fuelling sexual urge in the couple.


Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa and Cnidium Monnier are the main ingredients in Stamina Rx. Xanthoparmelia is lichen found in some Oriental countries like China and Hong Kong. What makes this herb well suited for treating impotence among men is the presence of Pyrazolo Pyrimidinone, being its natural source. Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa inhibits PDE-5 and allows smooth flow of blood to the penis, thus creating natural erections. When Stamina Rx is taken by women, the ingredient works by blocking an enzyme in the body which allows blood to remain in the clitoris.


Stamina Rx, employs a coumarin isolated from cnidium monnier which is known as osthole. Osthole arouses the production of nitric oxide, which then results in the production of cyclic GMP (cGMP). In women, the nitric oxide release in large amount allows blood to remain in the clitoris.

Stamina Rx boasts of an impressive list of other ingredients. These are:

oYohimbe 8 % Extract
Yohimbine is an alkaloid contained in the herbal product, yohimbe. The drug influences the flow of blood to the penis and men’s libido. With a high percentage of Yohimbine HCL, Stamina-Rx can be very useful.


This is another ingredient in the sex supplement that increases natural

production of nitric oxide and thus creates a more rigid erection.

oGamma Amino Butyric Acid
These raise the dopamine levels in hypothalamus and thus stir up an ecstatic feeling and increase sensations during orgasm.


oEpimedium/ Horney Goat Weed
The name sounds funny but has been found to be very effective in increasing the sex drive. With the use of 20:1 extract Stamina Rx beats all competition.

oIcariin 50TM
This has been found to have inhibitory effects on PDE-5 and PDE-4 activities and thus very effective in case of erectile dysfunction.
oCistanches Extract
Imported exclusively from China, this has been known to have positive effect on libido and sexual energy.

oMucuna Pruriens
The herb works by stimulating the release of dopamine and norepinephrine and thus induces sexual desire and libido.

oAgeratum Extract
Ageratum extract results in the release of oxytocin. When the herb is taken by women, they have reported of powerful, “full body” orgasms and multiple orgasms.

However, Stamina Rx is not a wonder drug. Some considerations need to be taken while using this drug for best results. Stamina Rx must be avoided if you are undergoing medication for high blood pressure, kidney, thyroid, psychiatric disease, anxiety, depression, seizure disorder or stroke. The drug is not for the use of children and those under the age of 18. Though this drug is also available for women, pregnant women must avoid its use


If you can use this supplement, your physician is the best person to decide. He will also recommend you the dosage of Stamina Rx. Generally one or two tablets are taken an hour before sexual activity.

This product still awaits an approval by FDA.

Gauri Rajesh has been associated with the health care industry for long. She has a degree in pharmacy. In her leisure time, she writes informative articles on several topics dealing with general health care.


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